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Leading beers of 2013: A swashbuckling quintet

Posted by on Apr 4, 2014 in ... Views from bars at home | 0 comments

  Summary: A batch of 5 big beers [yes, BIG] from Belgium, the UK and US.  They occupy places 20 to 16 in the reviews of my best beers of 2013.   Right then, here’s 5 more leading beers of 2013, some cracking ales to grab your attention.  Today’s theme is by fluke rather than design and contains a set of bold, full-bodied and full-flavoured beers that would rate 6.0-6.9 on a seismometer, i.e. strong!  Sip slowly them with respect and they’ll play nicely in return. 20. Thornbridge ‘Imperial Oatmeal Stout’ [11%] Style: Russian Imperial Stout When and how: On keg in ‘Pivni’s‘, York, February. Colour: A brooding black beastie with a...

Of Klingon Warnog, sake and offal

Posted by on Mar 30, 2014 in Random press clippings | 0 comments

  This week’s virtual press-cutting floor is the right mish mash I foresee it will be most weeks. [1]  Thanks to Steve Savino for posting a couple of these stories on his Facebook feed, my wife for another from a newspaper feed she subscribes to and Mike Hughes for tweeting one my way.  I panned for the remaining golden nuggets from my Twitter feed and what pure gold we have, hot topics like: Super cheap beer about to hit Britain’s streets 1. British beer tax levels and the disparity between those paid by landlords and supermarkets.  2. Cheap alcohol pricing and its influence on binge drinking.  3. The current recession and living...

Beertown Malton – Beers full of flavour cause shock in North Yorks!

Posted by on Mar 28, 2014 in ... Views from bars at home | 0 comments

  Summary: Beertown Malton 2014.  You must go in 2015!   Thomas Jefferson once said “All men are created equal”.  With the Declaration of Independence buzzing around his mind at the time he probably didn’t have much time to consider, and be fully quoted, about the merits of whether all beer festivals are created equal.  The truth is … some beer festivals are more equal than others. Last weekend the inaugural Beertown Malton festival [1] exploded on to the North Yorkshire beer scene like a fireworks display finale.  Home-town breweries and event organisers, Bad Seed and Brass Castle, set out to reassert Malton’s credentials as a centre for brewing after the town had lost this label over the past century with the demise...

Extreme Beers – a new niche

Posted by on Mar 11, 2014 in 100 word snippets ... | 0 comments

  “ … this beer is good, but … nothing special ….  Not really extreme …”. Not EXTREME?  When did that become a defining characteristic of fine tasting beer? Bizarre ingredients: Roasted bulls testicles? [1] Off-putting colour:  Pale aquamarine, like bath water? [2] Skull-crushing strength: 67.5% ABV? [3] Offensive marketing:  Stuff the bottle into a taxidermied squirrel? [4] Questionably sourced materials:  Use a yeast strain that originated in someone’s beard? [5] Throw in any old shit: Yeah, what about ‘cat’ [6] droppings? [7] Isn’t a well-balanced and constructed flavour profile in a beer not enough?  Which other extreme beers lie in wait?   Key: [1] – Wynkoop Brewing Company, ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout’ is brewed with 25 pounds of these ‘prairie oysters’!...

Recommended beers of 2013: The next five beauties

Posted by on Mar 10, 2014 in ... Views from bars at home | 0 comments

  Summary: Reviews and tasting notes of 5 more superb beers that feature in my recommended beers of 2013.  Numbers 25-21 come from the UK, Holland, the US and Belgium and there’s not a slack one among them.   This story began with a list of 60 beers and last time out I selected the first handful that made it into my top 30.  Read on to find out what comes next in my recommended beers of 2013 – there’s a lot to sink your taste-buds into. 25. Great Yorkshire ‘Blackout’ [5%] Style: Porter. When and how: A late November draught sup in Pivni‘s, York, England. Colour: Abyss-dark with deep ruby-red highlights topped by a thin creamy beige-white...