Mark S-M

Beer fan and networker, tour guide, trainee sommelier, really into Belgian beer and lambic.

In the early 1980s I was introduced by family to cask beer, the 'Good Beer Guide' and the need to fight to preserve our beer heritage. Though this did not translate into becoming a CAMRA member, I continued supporting their events and real ale wherever possible, shunning the mainstream. Story of my life.

One day in the autumn of 2010, my wife watched 'In Bruges' and soon thereafter booked us a long weekend away there.  Life changed forever and since then my beer appreciation blossomed to include a wider palate and culture, along with a deeper knowledge.

  • We're habitual visitors to Belgium. Long weekends, longer-stay car tours, even one trip that took in a David Gilmour concert! Our favourite style is lambic. Always exploring, visiting new places, meeting new people as well as firm friends. It's what we do.

  • For 4 years, I've thoroughly enjoyed organising and leading the Leeds http://yorkshirebrewerytour.com.  Love passing on my passion for beer. Also organised various events in 2018 as #tryanuary champion for North Yorks.

  • Passed the IBD Foundation and Cicerone CBS. Now planning to move onwards to other awards and need to study hard.

  • Volunteered enthusiastically for various UK beer festivals, while having seen quite a lot of action on the other side of the bar both home and abroad.

  • Have run and attended numerous bottles shares. Great fun!

  • Visited an array of UK beer destinations and acquired more than a passing interest in the Dutch and Spanish beer scenes following first-hand experiences there.

Finally, why the name for this website?  Years ago, Krusher Joule's 'View From The Bar' was my favourite section of 'Kerrang!'.  One minor alteration made it perfect for my beer alias/site.  So, let's begin, as Krusher would say, "Droogies, Boozers, Strumpets and Losers".  :)